Jacque Fresco's professional background includes work as a designer in the aerospace industry, human factors engineering, industrial design, and architectural design. His other occupations have included research engineer, technical illustration instructor, technical design consultant, psychological consultant, science educator, inventor, futurist, filmmaker, and author.

Fresco's interdisciplinary training has led to countless innovations ranging from small biomedical instruments to massive total city systems. His integration of science, art, philosophy, and social engineering has constituted a consilient vision for planetary planning that he called a Global Resource Based Economy.

Across his lifetime, Fresco communicated his vision through five books, seven self-produced films, and innumerable presentations to civic groups, film festivals, conferences, and universities across the United States and in over 25 countries worldwide. Many of these presentations are preserved in thousands of hours of recorded media. His work has been featured in over 1,000 publications and 20 widely acclaimed films.

Fresco's presentations reflect a serious attempt to both illuminate the causes of social problems and to outline a wide variety of constructive alternatives. His particular lecture technique enables uninformed audiences to grasp the significance of complex social and technical issues through his use of analogy, example, anecdote, and visual illustration in an informal style.

In 1971, Fresco founded Sociocyberneeing, a not-for-profit organization, and in 1995 co-founded the culmination of his lifework, The Venus Project. Starting in 1980, together with his associate Roxanne Meadows, they constructed ten buildings based on his designs, establishing a twenty-one acre center in Venus, Florida. Here they produced videos, books, models, renderings, blueprints and much more depicting Fresco’s designs of future possibilities.

Prior to Fresco’s death on May 18th, 2017, the United Nations acknowledged his contributions by bestowing an award to him for Sustainable City Design and Community.

Professional Resume

Aircraft Designer for the Northrop Division of Douglas Aircraft, Los Angeles, California, 1939

Design consultant to Gilbert McGill and Rotor Craft Helicopter Company, Los Angeles, California, 1939

Design consultant to Fred Landgraf for Landgraf Helicopter Co., Los Angeles, California

Co-creator of Revel Plastics Company with Lou Glaser, 1941

Designer in the Army Air Force Design and Development Unit, Wright Field, Dayton, Ohio, 1941-1944

Design Developer of experimental equipment for behavioral scientist, Keller Breland

Director of Scientific Research Laboratories, Los Angeles, California, 1945-1955

Architectural Designer of pre-fabricated industrial buildings for Houser Industrial Co., Los Angeles, California

Architectural Designer for Trend Homes, Inc., Los Angeles, California, 1945-1948

Design Developer of three-dimensional projection systems for Paramount producer Jack Moss, 1949

Research Engineer for Raymond De-Icer Corp., Los Angeles, California, 1951-1952

Technical Consultant to the Motion Picture Industry, including technical advisor and effects creator for the film Project Moonbase (1953) written by Robert A. Heinlein; for Encyclopaedia Britannica Films for Joe Stoneman Productions; and for Camera Eye Pictures, Inc., for the film, The Naked Eye (1956), which won the Robert J. Flaherty Award for creative film documentary and was nominated for an Academy Award.

Colleague and work associate of Donald Powell Wilson of Los Angeles, the noted psychologist who wrote My Six Convicts.

Industrial Design Instructor at the Art Center School in Hollywood, California

Design Consultant for Major Realty Co. and Aluminum Co. of America (Alcoa), 1961

Design Developer of electronic devices for the Parkinson’s Institute of Miami, 1965-1966

Creator of Jacque Fresco Enterprises, Inc. for the development of prefabricated aluminum devices, 1967-1968

Founder and Director of Sociocyberneering, Inc., Miami, Florida, the forerunner to the Venus Project, 1971-1994Founder of The Venus Project, Venus, Florida, 1994-present

Books Authored

Looking Forward co-authored with Kenneth Keyes Jr., (1969) A.S. Barnes & Company

Introduction to Sociocyberneering, (1977) Sociocyberneering, Inc. (out of print)

Structural Systems and Systems of Structure, (1979) Sociocyberneering, Inc. (out of print)

The Venus Project: The Redesign of a Culture, (1995) Global Cybervisions *World Future Society best-sellerAnd The World Will Be One, (1997) (unpublished)

The Best That Money Can’t Buy: Beyond Politics, Poverty & War, (2002) Global Cybervisions

Designing the Future, (2007) The Venus Project, Inc.

Films Produced

The Venus Project: The Redesign of a Culture (1994) – produced, directed, and edited with Roxanne Meadows

Welcome To The Future (2001) [Trailer | Deluxe] – produced, directed, and edited with Roxanne Meadows

Cities In The Sea (2002) [Trailer | Deluxe] – produced, directed, and edited with Roxanne Meadows

Self-erecting Structures (2002) [Trailer | Deluxe] – produced, directed, and edited with Roxanne Meadows

Designing the Future (2006) – produced, directed, and edited with Roxanne Meadows

Paradise or Oblivion (2012) [Trailer | Full | Deluxe] – produced, directed, and edited with Roxanne Meadows.

Designs and Inventions

Many of these projects have been patented and have had wide commercial acceptance.Systems for noiseless and pollution free aircraft, 1939-1944

Boundary layer control and electrodynamic methods for aircraft control that dispenses with ailerons, elevators, rudders, and flaps, 1939-1944

Experimental equipment for behavioral scientist, Keller Breland, circa 1945

Pre-fabricated industrial buildings for Houser Industrial Co., circa 1945

12 variations of an aluminum “Trend Home”, a prefabricated house designed and developed for Mike Shore, Earl Muntz, Dan Rayes, and Harry Mayslish, of Trend Homes, Inc., 1945-1948

Numerous components and systems for architectural construction, 1946-1961

A new structural bracing system for aircraft wings, commissioned by the U.S. Air Force, 1947

Principle technique for three-dimensional x-ray units and for viewing three-dimensional film and television projection without the use of glasses, for Paramount producers Jack Moss and Irving Yergin, offered to Technicolor, 1949

Electrostatic system controls for aircraft and the elimination of sonic boom for Raymond De-Icer, 1951-1952

Electrostatic anti-icing system for Raymond De-Icer Co., 1951-1952

Twin Pontoon Outboard Surf Rider – 10′ long, weight 160 lbs., without motor developed for Joe AbaloePrefabricated aluminum “Sandwich” houses for Major Realty Corporation in collaboration with Aluminum Company of America, 1961

A three-wheel low cost motor vehicle developed for Charles Stuart Motor Co. of Miami, consisting of only 32 parts, 1961

Experimental electronic devices for The Parkinson’s Institute of Miami 1965-966

Structural Y-Frame Shelters developed for Allan Sanford of The Sanford Company, 1968

Medical Devices and prosthetics for Dr. Irving Fixel, 1974

A second three-wheel low cost motor vehicle developed for A.D. Bessemer, 1974

Dental equipment and office accessories for Dr. George GrahamVarious products, such as, the Volk Pipe, pre-fabricated extruded display cabinets, record reel dispenser for magnetic tapes, 180° hinge, vectograph displayer, enclosed sanitary sleeping chamber, ultraviolet germicidal lamp, serving tray, snap together lamp, high impact safety helmet, electronic surgical instruments for the medical field, 1941-1968

Numerous extruded aluminum devices, including, Utilitarian Draftsman Rack, Pencil Rack, Draftsman Scale – 12″ to 36”, Smokers Pipe Rack, Cigarette Holder, Dual Straightedge, Comb, 1967-68

Designed and built a wide variety of reinforced concrete structures, 1979-2007

Jacque Fresco, 1916 - 2017
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